Saturday, December 11, 2010

Peanut's Christmas Dinner

Peanut was playing "Iron Chef" and single handedly cooked up one of the best dinners last night, complete with roasted turkey, ham and three desserts.  Everything was homemade by Peanut's loving hands.  It was a feast fit for a king.

Below are four pictures and if you want to see more just CLICK HERE.

Jimmy's side of the family has lots of little great-grandchildren who get very excited about Christmas.

 Everyone was there except for Stephanie and we really missed her.

Kyra modeling her new hat

Jimmy and I hope to see everyone at our Christmas Party on December 25th.
We'll have lots to eat and plenty of Christmas treats available for those
that will just be traveling through too, making their rounds to all of
their in-laws, grand-parents & parents homes.
We know that this is a very busy time of year,
and that you have many stops to make,
but we hope to get to see everyone.

Merry Christmas!

2 comments: said...

A very nice Merry Christmas. Love it, love ya. I went over to see the rest of the photos.

Anonymous said...

kids,thats the fun in christmas