Monday, January 17, 2011

Mouse in the house

The calico kitten (CryBag) is resting after her big morning and we believe that Jybow presented her with a small gift this morning.

As Jimmy was walking passed the dish of dry cat food, in the wee hours of the morning, he spotted Jybow sitting patiently waiting for something.  Jimmy passed her several times and Jybow still hadn't moved.  Later Jybow was joined by the calico kitten and this time Jimmy got curious as to what might be going on, so he looked closer only to see that the kitten was playing with a tiny little mouse that was so small and furry that it was probably a baby itself.  But now it was a dead baby mouse which needed to be removed from the house.

I'm glad we have two hunters in the house because the rest of the mouse litter must still be in here, and by the size of that little mouse they are way too small to be caught in mouse traps. So,  it's up to the cats to do what cats do best,
and to teach the kitten to hunt.

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