Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Boooo Hoooo

Princess and Squeaker got spayed today and there will be no more kittens at our house.  It's kind of sad, but it had to be done.  We have far too many cats who live in our yard and in our house, and boy can cats multiply.  My babies are napping right now, but Squeak has been pretty active since we brought her home.  Princess on the other hand is an older cat and seems to be taking her surgery with a little more difficulty.

Sandie stopped by to visit today while I was doing our income taxes.  I wasn't going to file and just let our poor depleted government keep our tax refund, but then I thought that it might backfire on me and I would get into trouble for not filing a tax return.  I sure don't want to get into any trouble with the I.R.S. just because I was merely trying to give them a gift and I'm almost sure that they would have punished me with a penalty or something.  Maybe I'll have more guts next year.

So how was your day?  It got really warm here this afternoon so Jimmy took his bike out for a ride.  It's finally getting to be riding weather, but we have one more big job to do....replace the hot water heater and the floor beneath it, before the end of the month.  Maybe it's a good thing I kept the tax refund after all.....


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