Monday, April 04, 2011

I love thunderstorms

Well it's 4 p.m., we lost our sunshine and the rain has arrived.  It's been a nice warm day, a little windy but very nice to be outside working in the yard.  If we would have known the rain wouldn't be here until this late, we probably would have mowed the lawn.  Oh well, there's always tomorrow or the next day.

On Wednesday Princess and her kitten Squeak have a date with the vet.  We're visiting our old vet and he's going to fix our babies.  We're using the vets office near Head Hunter's beauty salon where Sharon works and the VA Clinic.  By the looks of the rain coming down, I think it'll be too wet to mow tomorrow.  So maybe while our babies are at the vets office I can kill time by mowing.

The rain started and completely stopped twice since I've been writing here.  The wind stopped blowing when the rains came and now the storm looks like it's over.  I can see the sky clearing off in the distance.  Well that wasn't what I expected at all.  After all this build up and hype from the weathermen for the last few days I expected something more.  I expected thunder, lightning and maybe some hail to go along with the rain.  This storm was sure a disappointment.....

WAIT....I hear the emergency weather sirens again.  Maybe there's more.

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