Sunday, April 03, 2011

Our team lost....but I'm feeling free!

The Kentucky Wildcats made it into the Final Four but we lost our game last night.  This isn't the end, but a new beginning for Jimmy & I.  We are now free of this thing called March Madness....well, not quite yet.  The final game is on Monday and I'm sure that Jimmy will continue to watch this tournament until the very last game is played, and a new championship team emerges victorious.

I feel great this morning.  I got a good nights sleep and it looks like it's going to be a very beautiful day today.  Megan's Baby Shower is this afternoon and I'm sure that Megan, and Sharon are both very excited.  I know that I am.

The weather should be doing nothing but improving and getting warmer with each passing day, and that means that Jimmy & I will be out there doing a lot of riding and taking some trips. That's always fun and I can't wait.  I'm also very excited about family coming to visit, Zac & Jen's upcoming wedding, and more family coming to visit.  It looks like it's shaping up to be a very fun and exciting Spring and Summer for us.  Hope everyone is as happy as I am and looking forward to a very exciting year.

ps....I hope Brian hasn't lost that Free Weekend Coupon that he got for his birthday, because I'm really looking forward to that bike trip.  Anyone else that would like to join us for an over night ride is welcomed to come along.  We don't have the dates set because we're spontaneous and because we're also waiting for the weather to warm up.  And the trip doesn't have to be on a weekend once summer vacation is here either, we can leave mid week or any time you wish.  Have fun!

Love to All,
Jimmy & Sandy

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Anonymous said...

In spite of the Big Blue and Jim are looking great in your matchig blue duds! The Cats put their heart and soul into bringing it back....there's always next year! a