Friday, April 08, 2011

Seeing the kids again

(Poncho & Lola)
After they ate and we played for a while they finally
calmed down a little, and I was able to take some
pictures of them. 

Feisty Lola showing us her famous tongue.
Lola is quick with her tongue.

Poncho is the handsome quiet one and when he comes
to sit on your lap you know you are special.

Poncho doing his famous walk
It's time for us to leave.
Lola & Poncho climb on the couch to watch us drive away.
Can you see them through the glare of the window panes?
We were going to let them out for a run but it began raining hard, so we chased them around the house and played ball and foxy loxy with them.  Fun and exercise was had by all.

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