Saturday, May 14, 2011

Chum's Visit To Kentucky

A sweet angel or a beautiful butterfly, she's both and more!

My beautiful step-mom. Can you believe that she will be 90 years old in September?

Ron with his mom
Dennis with his complimentary glass of wine
She's saying, "NO THANKS."
Here we all are in front of The Log House in Berea, Ky.
Jimmy & Chum

Ron models one of the wooden cowboy hats on display.....

....then Laurel see's the prices of those wooden hats.
We all enjoyed sitting in the butterfly chair

Chum in front of one of Berea's Helping Hands, (as I call them).

Chum kept repeating the words, "I can't get over how green everything is."

Brian gave Ron one of his carved wooden walking sticks.
Staying outside where everything is green and warm :))

Mr. Sycamore loved Chum, and she smiled back at him too.

One afternoon some of us got together for a cookout. Tabitha took this picture for us.

Ron and his mom

Eating out at Kotos...none of us liked it.
Breakfast at Cracker Barrel

At Ron's house
BEFORE the food came at Kotos, all smiles
In Kotos...see all the smiles?
Our beloved and most favorite cook....Laurel.

Relaxing and mingling in the backyard, enjoying the sunshine and each others company.
 You can't see Brian & Reva at Kotos, because the flames came inches from their heads.
To see more pictures of our visit CLICK HERE.

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