Saturday, May 07, 2011

Following them around is a workout, but I loved every minute of it

Sandy stands posing for pictures while Linda does all the work.

Ron is learning more and more each day
about the caring & feeding of horses,
and he seems to be enjoying it very much.
This is a job I think I could learn to love :)
Just look at the beauty all around you.

He's learned that sometimes you even have to
chase them down and a bucket of feed
doesn't always help.

Jimmy couldn't help Ron because he's still supposed
to be taking it easy.

Here's my cowboy...

Ron & Linda cleaning out the stalls.
It's a daily event and somebody has to do it.

This horsey is hungry

Look at that smile!
Ron gets a daily workout and who needs to go to the
gym when you work this hard everyday.

Scooping poop with the pooper scooper.
It looks just like my cat litter pooper scooper
but much, much larger.

I love my brother!
And I'm so happy to see him happy.
Jimmy and I had a great time
but I can't say that it was 'uneventful'
because it was full of fun and exciting things
that Jimmy & I haven't done in a long time,
and I think Ron & Linda know exactly
what we're talking about, hahaha.

Ron & Jimmy

Linda & Ron

I finally got to meet Linda and she's just as wonderful
as Ron described her.  I was very impressed by how hard
she works every day and Jimmy and I couldn't of had
a more gracious and kind hostess.  Today
after Linda finished her morning rounds
with the multitude of horses
that she takes care of, she took us to the
Mennonite village where I pigged
out on all the goodies they had to offer.
Last night they took us to a very expensive and exclusive
restaurant that had a real chef who was
much like the guy in the Seinfield episodes...
You know the guy who would say,
All kidding aside, Jimmy and I had a wonderful time and we'd like to thank Linda for inviting us into her home.  We had a great time getting to know Linda and we had a few good laughs and giggles too. 
To see more pictures of our visit  CLICK HERE.


cattywhumpus said...

I so love horses and all that comes with taking care of them. They are such amazing creatures and I love the feeling after mucking stalls that you get to see immediately how you have done something and made it better for them.

Alipurr said...

great pics! looks like you had a great visit!!

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

Alipurr, Yes we had a great visit and it was fun.

cattywhumpus, Thanks for your comments and for stopping in. I've always loved horses too and when I was younger I used to take care of some in exchange for my rent on a ranch out west. My kids also had a couple while growing up. It was my dream to always own horses but it was short lived in reality, they are an expense and it's also a time consuming job. I have to give Linda credit, she takes care of so many horses and she works very hard. Of course now she has a helper, my brother Ron :)