Thursday, May 26, 2011

Good Things

Two good things happened today.  I had lunch with Sharon and my bike is fixed and ready to ride.  Oh, and one more thing....I had an appointment to go in and have my haircut today but my hairdresser came to my house instead and cut my hair.  Wasn't that sweet of her?  I think so.  Of course all of you know that my daughter Sharon is my hairdresser.

Here's where we took our bikes to be repaired.
This is Gary Linville, Owner and Operator, and a long time friend....a very, very long, time friend
Gary came quickly after Jimmy called him, picked up the bike and had it ready the next day.
And since Gary and his mechanic were so quick to fix Jimmy's bike, Jimmy rode my bike 
over to the shop, picked up his and left mine there for repairs.  After we ate lunch with Sharon
today, Jimmy and I drove over to Cruisers to see how they were getting along with my bike
and it was ready to be picked up.  To my delight they did a fantastic job and installed both of
the new parts I had purchased from the manufacturer for my Voyager Kit.  
Now all that's left to do is to go on a ride....

If you live in the area or not, this is where you should go for repairs,
or to buy a used motorcycle that looks like a new one,
or just to buy some new tires.  Gary is reasonable with his prices, 
I know because I've been to other shops.

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