Sunday, June 19, 2011

Things I did while Jimmy was grounded from his bike

I played with our newly acquired Emergency
Management Agency Radio.  It's being sent out
FREE to all households in our area.
Thank you taxpayers.
So far all we've heard on it is Elvis singing,
"I want you, I need you, I love you,"
so Jimmy & I got up and danced to it.

Another of my water lilys bloomed.
(click the picture to enlarge it)

I took pictures of the back yard between trips to Lexington
to seek out what's new in electronics at Best Buy.
We also went to the movies but the rain stopped just as we
got there and I don't like going to the movies when the
sun is out.

I checked the grapes and it looks like there are going
to be lots of them this year

The flowers aren't doing so well.
Too much rain.

I drank Raspberry Lemonade at Cheddar's
and next time I'm getting a pomegranate drink at
Olive Garden.

Of course you can't drive passed Dairy Queen
without buying an ice cream cone

Another trip to Cheddar's
and two trips to Golden Corral in London, Ky.
We also invited a friend to go with us and
I ate beef enchiladas again.

More of our backyard.
We have a new kitten that isn't related to any of our
cats and must have gotten lost or dropped off.  So far
it doesn't like us and is hiding in those Hostas.  It does
however like the food we set out for the other cats.

Jimmy and my onion rings.

Pretty Waterfall

Reading the newspaper in the backyard
and later in the hammock for a nice nap.

Our pathway
(to PapaLeno's)
Jimmy finally has his freedom back with no restrictions and he likes it that way.  He likes getting up in the mornings and having the freedom to do as he pleases, to go on over-night trips if he so chooses, or just on all day rides until the sun sets.  He's 74 years old and I don't blame him for not wanting to be tied down in any way.  He's free from doctors for a while (until next month) and he's excited about that and doesn't plan on wasting anymore time sitting around (that's what he calls it when he's not riding).  I'm very happy to get my husband back.

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