Monday, July 25, 2011

Grandma's are getting younger looking

Sharon and her bike

In less than 14 days my daughter Sharon will be a grandmother for the first time.  She's not quite as young as I was when my first grandchild Doug was born, but she's much prettier and with a very out-going personality.  Today right after this picture was taken Sharon, Suzanne and myself went with Megan to tour the birthing center where Megan will be having her baby.  Little Myles is in position and it's just a waiting game now for the next couple of weeks.

It was a girls day out today.  First we walked around Buy Buy Baby while Megan picked up a few things that she still needed for the baby and then we went to the Pottery shop where Megan finished painting a piece that she was working on for Myles.  It's a ceramic container that will hold all of his first's, like his first lost tooth and things like that.

After Megan finished putting the finishing touches on Myles' keepsake container we headed to the birthing center for a tour and then on to Megan's weekly doctor's appointment.  We all jammed into the ultrasound room and saw Myles on the big screen and I think he's just about ready to make his appearance.

Megan & Sharon

Megan, Suzanne & Grandma
in the birthing center's gift shop.
After our tour of this state of the art birthing center and appointment we headed for Olive Garden for a good meal.  Like always, our little Suzanne wasn't able to eat with us but only drank iced tea.  We had a fun filled day together  and then all went home.  Now we just wait for that 3 a.m. call, but at least we know exactly where we are to go and where we are to wait for the arrival of baby Myles.  We're all very excited!


Rachel said...

Sharon is beautiful and no one would think she would be a Grandma! However, she will be a GREAT grandma I'm sure and you will be a GREAT great-grandma! Myles will be a lucky baby!! said...

This is a very nice and loving post. Take care.

LZ Blogger said...

Sandy ~
You are right! But Sharon is not the first one I have seen on a Harley. But she could be one of the best looking ones of seen on one.
I hope all is well? ~ j///b

Anonymous said...

It's so rare we get to have Suzanne along with us.Meg and I were so thrilled she got to join our girls day out.Myles is Coming Sunday or Monday the 8th of August.