Sunday, July 03, 2011

Jimmy has a roll of duct tape.

Should I hide it?  It's Jimmy's duct tape but I think I bought it for him at one time. 
About two months ago I wanted to buy him several rolls of different colors of duct tape, but he thought that was silly so I didn't.  Well, getting back to the duct tape, just because a man has a roll of duct tape in his tool shed or garage doesn't mean that he's the only one who uses it or has access to it.


Cheyenne said...

Somebody said the daughter borrowed that roll of duct tape from her friend, (the one whose checks she forged) and she never gave it back, so it may not even belong to the man you are talking about. And even if it is his, so what? Much ado about nothing. said...

Duct Tape is like a pair of pliers, a good roll of wire and a hammer. A farmer can repair anything with those in his tool box.
Good Morning
Love ya

Rachel said...

I didn't know you could buy duct tape in different colors! I seldom use duct tape. Very seldom.

I enjoyed seeing all the photos in the last post! Say Hi to Jimmy for me!!!

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

My sentiments exactly Cheyenne about the duct tape. Whoever says that duct tape has to belong to the man of the house. I have used and owned duct tape for years.

Rachel, I'll tell Jimmy that you said Hi. He's had a fever since Saturday and I got him a doctor's appointment for this afternoon. He'll appreciate your "Hi."

Dennis duct tape is a great tool, I agree.

Gregory said...

Why Hello, I am Gregory, Nice to meet you.

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

Nice to meet you too Gregory. Thanks for stumbling by.