Saturday, July 16, 2011

"Jimmy is the boss, but I'm the bossy one"

Today we went to visit baby Eli, his big brother Noah Bug, Steph, Peanut & Laura.  While we were there , Summer and her mother Laura stopped by to see the new baby.  I was very surprised to see Laura and didn't know that she was Summer's mother.  I met Laura while I was in college many years ago, and I've known her daughter Summer for a very long time.  Summer has been to our house on many occasions with Steph and has even had Thanksgiving Dinner with us.  It was nice to see Laura and Summer again and to make that connection of mother and daughter.

After our visit with the new baby, I talked to Brian and tried to entice them into joining us for supper but Reva wasn't feeling well and Brandon was leaving to spend the day with his girlfriend Jessi.   No luck there, so Jimmy and I  headed off to Lexington to eat by ourselves...

These are the  BEST bacon-cheese fries ever.

I couldn't get Jimmy to sit on top of that giant Chili.
Despite what Ron thinks, Jimmy won't do everything I ask him
to do :(

 We took the scenic route home from Lexington and on the way home I got a hankering for some cotton candy, after I saw a sign announcing that the county fair was coming soon.  So we headed to Walmart to see if they might have some there.  It was our second trip there today, so I was hoping that the Walmart Greeter that we had spent so much time talking to on our first visit wasn't still there.  It just doesn't feel right making so many trips to Walmart in one day, it's insane, and thankfully a new greeter had taken his place.  We couldn't find any cotton candy and after all that walking around the store I just wanted to go home.

(Don't you just love my Title?  You can give Ron all the credit for that observation :)  

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