Thursday, July 21, 2011

My Girls minus ONE and Myles

"Set a trap caught a rat."
YEAH, that was MY DRINK!!!

It's not gonna work...
Myles will come when he's good and ready :)
Jimmy and I had fun with these three today.  My daughter Sharon, my granddaughter Megan and of course we can't forget Myles....he sticks out like a sore thumb these days :))  We found these two cooling off in the pool at the apartment complex and couldn't just let them stay there and have fun all by themselves, without us, so we invited them to join us at Applebee's for lunch.  They must have been hungry today and were dressed faster than you can say, "Let's go eat." lol

I'm the one who is the lucky one here.  Monday I get to go with them to tour the birthing complex where Megan will be having her baby.  I can't wait to spend another day with these THREE.

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