Friday, August 19, 2011

Every Day Is A Vacation Day

I lost my internet two days ago and it suddenly came back on a few moments ago.  I don't know what I did, but it's on and I'm very thankful for that.  So before I lose it again I'll just post some pictures.  I don't take as many pictures as I used to so lots of activities get missed.  The other day we went to eat at Sir Pizza in Lexington with Brian and Reva and today we ate at Golden Corral.  We always have this joke while riding, and it doesn't matter how many miles we ride and in which direction, but we always laugh and say, "All roads lead to Golden Corral."  The one thing we all love to do is eat and we never pass up an opportunity to do so.

Here Reva and I are relaxing on Suzanne's porch.
Not sure what day this was, but it was one day
this week.

After we left Suzanne's we rode to
Lexington to Sir Pizza for a Royal Feast and brought one
back to her.

Stopping to rest on our ride today at a little
country church called Climax 

Brian was our leader today and he took us on some of
the prettiest roads in Rockcastle and surrounding Counties.
They were curvy and shady but very cool to ride on
  on a hot day.  Can you see how tired I was?  My bike is a real
workout, but I loved every minute of riding on these roads.

Reva & Brian

Suzanne has some of the biggest ants I've seen
crawling on her porch.  This particular ant
(bottom right) came here all the way from
Arizona, and he was tired.

This picture also involves eating.
Reva and Brian are going to make fried apple pies
from Suzanne's apples.

Brian sees some better and bigger apples on the tree

Even Suzanne tries to shake some down for them.

The shaking didn't work, so everyone tried hitting
them.  Can you imagine that great big beautiful apple
being beaten by a stick.  I bet it didn't look so good
once it hit the ground, LOL.

Jimmy even tried his luck in beating the apples up :))

Brian takes his bag of apples and leaves

Jimmy is still at the tree wondering where everyone went.

It's back on the porch to tell a few more tall tales.

A little country church
in a place called Climax.

Reva was my passenger today
and she rides so well that I couldn't even tell
that she was even back there.

Some big black clouds rolled in and it started thundering
and then the rains came, so we went into a little
grocery store and waited the rain out.
Just us and our ice cream cones.
I don't know the name of the gas station, restaurant,
grocery store, but it was in Tyner, Ky.

It didn't take long for the roads to dry off
and we were on our way again, but something didn't
feel right about my bike.

My bike started acting funny, so I stopped and Brian
and Jimmy gave my bike a once over and decided that
my back tire was a low on air.  Once they aired up
my tire, my bike started behaving itself again.

We're all happy....
there is nothing wrong with my bike
so we can continue on with our ride.
All of us had a great day today.  The weather was perfect for a ride, even that little rain storm didn't bother us.  We know to duck into some place and wait the rain out and as warm as it was today, it didn't take long for the roads to dry off.  I love spending time with my family.  I tried to get Sharon and Ron to join us but Sharon had to work and Ron had other plans.  Maybe they can join us on another day.  I'd still like to take Brandon to Chilis for some Chili Cheese n Bacon Fries because they make the best ones there and I know he'd like them.  There are so many things I'd like to do and so many places I'd like to go.  For us, every day is a vacation day no matter what time of year it is.

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