Sunday, August 21, 2011

Surprise! We've had a cancellation.

I didn't think I was going to be able to post anything this morning because I had trouble even remembering my password, which I have used many times before to open my blog.  The reason I'm sleepy is because around a quarter to nine last night I was called and asked if I could come in for a sleep study, and be there by 9:30 p.m.  Talk about rushing around to get ready to go.  First I told Jimmy that I had to go for my sleep study and his response to that was, "What?, Tonight?   I told him that they had a no-show or a cancellation at the last minute and they had an opening.

I gathered up a few things like clean under-ware and my PJs and we were off along with the CPAP mask that I usually wear...I forgot my pillow, toothbrush and comb.  Jimmy had to drive me to Richmond and we got there before 9:30.  I knocked lightly, just as I was told, on a door that said, "Sleep Study," and a woman appeared and I gave her the secret word and she let me in.  Before the door fully closed I heard her tell Jimmy to be back at this door by 6:30 a.m. the next morning.

I thought I'd be able to sleep being as I've worn a mask to bed since 2004 and what's with a few little wires connected in your hair with gooey clop and on down your body to the bottom of your legs.  I thought this will be a cinch, a piece of cake, no big deal.  Granted I had to wait about 45 minutes to an hour while she wired up someone else and then she came in to take care of me.  I felt pampered as she rubbed little dabs of stuff in my hair, it felt like someone shampooing or massaging my scalp.

The straps to my head gear on my mask were adjusted perfectly.  It had taken me several days to get them just right and the first thing the lady did was to undo them.  She must have heard me gasp, because she said I had to undo it to get it on your head without pulling the electrodes out (that I just neatly put all over your hair with gooey globby goop.)  With my head gear on she asked me to lay down and she left the room shutting the lights out as she walked out.

Next I hear this little voice coming from the ceiling somewhere saying, "Can you hear me?" and I responded appropriately.  We played Simon Says  and she asked me to preform several things and then left me to go to sleep.  Now I'm fully awake.  I usually don't have any problems going to sleep, you can ask Jimmy.  My head hits the pillow and I'm gone, out like a light.  Well not tonight suddenly I can't sleep.  First my legs started hurting and I thought of all nights for my legs to hurt it has to be tonight.  Then I couldn't get comfortable, but once I did and finally fell asleep, here she bounces into my room saying that we have to take that mask off, it's leaking.  Of course I'm thinking took my perfectly aligned straps apart and that's why it's leaking air.  She puts on another mask, then another one.  Nothing seems to fit.  Finally I'm asleep again having a nice dream when she pops in there again with yet another mask.  I can remember her coming into my room at least 3 times to change my head gear, but I can't be sure.  In fact I'm not sure of anything this morning except that I'm home and I'm sleepy.

You can read about my first sleep study HERE

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Kerri said...

I hope you managed to fit in a nap yesterday. I'm amazed you could sleep at all with that lady popping in and bothering you so often.
I see congratulations are in order for Great Grandma Sandy and Great Grandpa Jimmy. Myles is a cutey and is getting his fair share of cuddles and love :)
I'm happy to hear you've been enjoying some good rides and meals with your family this summer. Great to have the rain wash your bike for you.
Nice catching up with you, Sandy :)