Sunday, April 21, 2013

Senior Prom for Brandon and Jessi

Last night was Brandon and Jessi's Senior Prom, and didn't they both look really nice!  Brandon and Jessi are both seniors at Rockcastle County High School and will be graduating in May, and then each going off to their prospective college and university next semester.  But getting back to the present, Brandon and Jessi will both be going to New York City as part of their senior trip next week.  I'm so excited and proud of both of them and wish them both well.  I know that they will be very busy with all the festivities that are planned for their trip to the Big Apple with their fellow seniors, and I know that they will also have fun taking this trip together....and for the first time, without parents and grandparents.  They are really going to miss us too!

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Alipurr said...

I loved seeing these pictures...they both look so good....hope they had a great prom