Saturday, April 13, 2013

The Weatherman -half wrong.....and Harley - we haven't decided

The weatherman said that yesterday and today were going to be cold, with a 50 degree drop in temperature from the previous days, well, he was half wrong.  Yesterday was cold but today was a T-shirt kind of day with beautiful blue skies and lots of sunshine.  I stayed out for most of the day watching for the little feral gray mama cat but never spotted her.  Maybe later or tomorrow.

Our yard was visited by four dogs today, three together and then one all by herself.  Our cat Harley has absolutely no fear of dogs, which annoyed me a lot.  Harley followed one of the dogs, went right behind the dog as if they were friends or something.  I know that Harley was just curious as to what kind of strange animal this was, but the dog could have turned around and taken a bite out of Harley.

Harley is getting weird.  Today, same as yesterday, Harley has been watching bees, hornets, wasps, bumblebees and trying to catch them.  He's not really interested in birds.  I'm almost sure that he has gotten stung twice already and today he got stung on his lip as I watched him eat a bee.  I caught up with him and Jimmy pulled out the stinger the bee left behind, on Harley's upper lip.  This cat is crazy, but so adorable and sweet.

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