Monday, June 17, 2013

Mending Fences

With Fathers Day behind us now, it's time to get back to the daily task of doctor and vet appointments, and also mending those broken fences.  I love all of my children, they're all different and they all need their own kind of special love.  I reached a new season in my life with the birth of my two great-grandsons and have had to step aside as THE GRANDMOTHER, because the boys each have grandmothers.  It's not easy being the elder.  You're older and can't do the things, nor have the energy to do the things that you used to do as a grandmother and mother.  Also sickness, in the form of cancer has consumed our lives.  The stresses that go with cancer are beyond anything I ever imagined, and maybe I don't handle other things very well anymore, like relationships with my children.  I need, Jimmy and I need all the love and support we can get.  I'm not afraid to say that we need to be physically hugged and we need shoulders to cry on, and help with chores that we are both not able to do anymore.  I'm sorry if you feel that I have not been there for you and that I don't respond to you the way that you think I should, but I do love you.