Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Family Traditions, Passing of The Baton

Jimmy and I spent Saturday afternoon with Brandon, Brian, Reva and Paige at Golden Corral in London, Kentucky.  It was an enjoyable visit and the buffet was great, as usual for Golden Corral.  I wasn't able to attend Carson's Birthday Party because of all of the little children in attendance as I didn't want to bring any unwanted germs back to Jimmy while he is doing chemo.  Best to be safe than sorry, but I sure am sorry I missed Carson's 2nd year old birthday party.  Tori did FaceTime Jimmy and I so that we could watch Carson dance to the music of a toy that we gave him, and that was sure nice.  I love FaceTime for that reason, that we can still see and talk to the great-grandchildren during this time when we can't visit in person.  Whenever Carson wants to talk to me Suzanne also dials the phone and puts Carson on.  He tells me stories in his own little baby talk and laughs as he talks to me.  He is so cute.

Christmas will be here before you know it and Suzanne, Sharon and Megan are sure getting me in the mood with their decorating for Christmas already.  It's not even Thanksgiving yet, hahaha.  Yesterday I put up the Christmas wreath that Matt made for us when he was in grade school.  Christmas is my favorite holiday.  But........
Just as we can't host Thanksgiving Dinner at our house this year, because there are simply way too many to fit in our little house, and besides that, Jimmy is on chemo, we won't be having Christmas here either.  The family has grown to an enormous number of people and it would take a rented dining hall somewhere to fit everyone in.  It's just past time to pass the baton and let the children carry on the family traditions at their house.  It's time for Jimmy and I to rest and enjoy someone else's cooking for a change.  This doesn't mean that you can't stop by to see us on Christmas Day if you are well, because we will still be right here......AND, we may even pop over to your house unexpectedly to wish you a Merry Christmas :)

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Anonymous said...

I'll cook Christmas dinner for you and jimmy if you want to come to my house Christmas Day. Did you check your face book about Christmas Eve. 😄, love,Sharon