Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Thanksgiving may be foiled by the weather

It looks like the weather might put a damper on many Thanksgiving dinners this year around this area, if the weatherman is right.  The weather prediction is for ice and snow with a snow accumulation anywhere from 2-6 inches.  For those that must travel, please be extremely careful and for those who can't drive in the snow, just stay home and stay safe. 


tomlaureld@yahoo.com said...

It is clear and cold this morning. Laurel has to work today and tomorrow as well as Allison's mother in law (who works at Walmart). Normally this is her off day but the need for her at work on this day overcame her off day.
So our Holy Day Thanksgiving is only in spirit and we are thankful t be alive, working and healthy.

Sandy Hatcher-Wallace said...

Jennifer had to work too, but she is a nurse, and this is the first year that Matt, a fireman, has ever gotten off work on Thanksgiving Day or Christmas.