Thursday, February 20, 2014

WOW, But Windy


It may be cloudy, but it sure is warm out.  Being this warm, this time of year is not good and I guess that's why we are going to have thunderstorms later tonight when cold will meet warm.

Regardless of what kind of day it is, we are enjoying it.  Jimmy and I went to Ryans and pigged out on their buffet.  

It's extremely windy here and I had a hard time getting my door opened in the parking lot of Ryans when we arrived.  I opened it and, WHAM!*&!, it came right back at me.  Thank goodness I hadn't made any effort at stepping out or I would have been body slammed back into the car by the door.

Jimmy's brother Allen stopped by early this morning to visit and stayed and visited with Jimmy for several hours.  Since I was in my nightgown and robe when he arrived, I finally excused myself around 11:30 a.m. to take a shower and to clean up.  I could hear Jimmy laughing and enjoying his brothers visit and it just warmed my heart.  Allen is a regular visitor here and you'd never guess that he's 80 years old.

The day's not over yet, so I will say SO LONG for now.  Jimmy will probably take a short nap, which are like power naps to Jimmy.  He wakes so refreshed and good as new.

Talk to you later.

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