Monday, June 16, 2014

Health Update

I was just over at my brother's blog and I thought I'd better write something before he calls me to see why I am absent from the internet. 
Jimmy got sick on the day he had chemo right before Memorial Day, and whatever he had I caught it the following Tuesday after Memorial Day.  We both have been sick since then, but we recovered enough so that Jimmy could have chemo last Wednesday.  Unfortunately the chemo was more than his body could handle well and he is still very weak and his blood tests are mostly all abnormal, either too high or too low.  He continues to rest in bed and sleep, and he is now back on oxygen 24/7.  The Emergency Room doctor assured me, that under the circumstances, that it just will take Jimmy longer to recover from the virus that he had.  Also Jimmy was complaining of back pain so they did a cat scan and found several bulging discs and one possible compressed disc fracture.  He's in pain and doesn't feel well, so he spends a lot of the day sleeping.  I am doing my very best to keep him fed and well hydrated.  Please keep him in your prayers.

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