Thursday, October 09, 2014

Pissed off at the world!

Good Morning!  It's cold here this morning.  I went out to feed the cats earlier and the thermometer on the front porch said it was 52 degrees F. out there.

Jimmy had a restless night and I was up and down all night long, so he is sleeping in this morning, and I feel like I could take a nap :)

Yesterday was not a good day for Jimmy, nor was it a good day for anyone I crossed paths with.  I got upset at those who want nothing more than to push pills.  Pills for this, pills for that and pills to take care of the side effects of this and that.  I was thoroughly pissed yesterday, so much that when Jimmy's urostomy supply house called to inform me that they would not be sending out an order I had placed, I yelled at them on the phone.  The order is being sent! Mission accomplished.  Yelling sometimes gets things done.....and sometimes it doesn't solve a thing.

Sometimes you just need to YELL, and SCREAM and just throw a BIG TANTRUM.......but I don't feel any better.

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