Monday, December 08, 2014

wish me luck

I've had my Saturn for almost a month now and I have barely driven it.  It leaks right over the car's computer, so when it rains or snow is melting it won't start, the computer goes to sleep.  This morning I am taking it back to the dealer again, and he said that he would have someone check out the leaks and fix them.  I had an appointment last Monday but the person that was to check the car over couldn't get to it, so I've had the car sitting in my driveway covered by a tarp since then.  

This is not a good month to be without a car and although Suzanne & Ray have offered me the use of one of their cars, I don't want to leave Suzanne without a car to drive.  Besides, I don't mind staying at home because,  it's where I feel closer to Jimmy.

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