Tuesday, January 13, 2015


I've lost count of how many days that I've been at home. I spend my days and nights watching movies and thinking. My daughters call every morning, noon and night to talk and I appreciate that, and look forward to their calls. My days are no different than my nights and I do manage to sleep some. The cats give me comfort, but they also require much of my time cleaning up their messes, feeding them and being their own private doorman. Besides the many cats inside, there are numerous cats outside that think they live here now. As the cold weather has progressed, more cats have arrived and it is very much like a homeless shelter for cats, one dog and a opossum here. I really don't mind because it gives me something to do, it gives my life a little bit of purpose.

This winter isn't much different than any other winter, as Jimmy and I always kind of hibernated during the winter months. Jimmy's presence is still strongly felt here and I don't feel alone at all. I still talk to him in those moments when I forget and have something to tell him. I used to stop myself, but now I just go ahead and tell him whatever it is that I have to say to him. He hears me I'm sure, but he never answers me.

I'm just biding my time waiting for Spring and warmer weather to arrive, and playing Words With Friends with my daughter-in-law and sister-in-law. At the moment I'm very content staying indoors, close to Jimmy so to speak, and keeping warm.

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