Friday, April 03, 2015

So....if you need me, CALL ME

I took my laptop to the Apple Store in Lexington yesterday and they fixed my internet browser (Safari), and tried, I use the word loosely, because I am still having problems with my Apple ID password.  My devices are still asking me for my password and then telling me that it is wrong......Bong! You've made an ERROR, so we are disabling all of your iApps once AGAIN!   

I need to call the Apple Store and make another appointment, and another trip to Lexington.....Oh well, what else have I got better to do anyway?  It's not like my daily schedule is so full of appointments and visitors, that I can't squeeze the Apple Store into my day.  Let's see, I think I will schedule them between this fit of crying or, this burst of anger towards God for taking Jimmy away, or maybe this bit of depression that seems to be looming over my head.  Hmmmm.....    What slot should I squeeze them into?  

I hope no one is taking me too seriously here, of course except for the Apple Store :))  I'm improving and starting to get out and leave the house some without anyone prodding me, and then having to come and get me.  It seems that the sunshine is calling to me now, and I am finding out that my only enjoyment in life at the moment is,  to be needed.       

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Alipurr said...

hope it gets fixed soon....I like knowing I can stay connected with my family online