Monday, March 28, 2016

Cats, that's the answer to all of my problems.....

I'm back.  I'm still broken but I think I have come up with a solution to all of my problems.  I think I'll keep the cats.  I was thinking of getting rid of them, but that's no guarantee that anyone would actually stay, but I know the cats will. They won't ever leave me or go away.  I have prayed for someone to take these cats off my hands, but nobody wants adult cats.  The cats won't leave either.  They love it here.  Plenty of good food, fresh water and a good soft body to sleep on....mine.  Why not keep something that really wants to be here, and who I don't have to force or bribe to stay.   The cats are the answer to all of my prayers.  Thank you God for blessing me with these fine, faithful, loving cats which you created just to keep old ladies like me happy.  

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