Friday, March 25, 2016

Good Friends Are Hard To Find, But I Found One!

I'm in a pretty good frame of mind considering about twelve days ago I was dumbfounded and a bit confused as to why things had gone bad between Steve and I.  I thought everything was going great, but I was wrong.  But that's all water under the bridge now and I'm feeling much better thanks to my good friend who shall remain nameless for now.

My friend calls me from time to time and I meet him for coffee or a meal.  He's a good friend and has been a very good friend for some months now, and I treasure his friendship more than he will ever know.  He is there when I fall, or shall I say, when I'm dumped, and he cheers me up and makes me laugh.  Last weekend he said that he hadn't seen me look so happy in several months, as I was looking that evening.  He was right, but I replied that Steve made me laugh too and I was happy with Steve.  But of course now I don't have to worry about Steve anymore.  He is a thing of the past, he wanted to be free, and he is now.  So my life is going in a different direction than I had planned, and I don't know where I will land or end up.

But for now I will enjoy spending time with my good friend, who I adore immensely and always have.   He's a treasure who cannot be caught.  Someday some lucky woman will catch him I'm afraid and I will lose him.  But for now, I will spend as much time with him as I can.  

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