Thursday, June 30, 2016

Bigger Backyard

Trimmed the lower branches from my two giant pine trees and have gained around 50 feet of backyard to mow.  I'm bad in judging distances, but this cleanup will make mowing much easier and less challenging.   Love the new look cause it looks like a park back there.  I might get another small picnic table to set back there.  One of those plastic ones that are easy to move.  Jimmy always wanted some seats back there, but we just never got around to it.  I'm sure he's looking down and smiling with approval at the improvements we've made.

Today I've been hauling brush from the front yard.  I trimmed the rhododendron that lines my front walkway, and I picked up large heavy decorative scalloped bricks that were once lining a bed of roses, that are no longer there.  Moving those will also make mowing much easier and there will be less weed-eating to do.

I'm resting right now because those bricks were heavy, and it's hot outside.  I needed a break inside where it's cool before I go unload the bricks where all bricks go around here.........way in the back with all of the other bricks and concrete blocks.  I was getting quite a collection of bricks and concrete blocks, so my neighbor asked me if he could have some of them and I did what Jimmy would have done,  I told him to take what he needed.

There are two stumps to watch out for, so as suggested by Rick, I took a can of red spray paint and sprayed the stumps so that no one tears up their lawn mowers, including myself, by mowing over them.  

Well, my break is over and I'm off to finish unloading those heavy decorative bricks.  They're pretty, long and curved and are scalloped along the tops.  I'm also planning on taking the iron digger and taking up another circle of rocks around the telephone pole that used to be where Jimmy had his hollyhocks.  This will also make mowing easier and cut down on the weed eating. 

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