Saturday, July 30, 2016

When it rains it pours

Today both the bikes had problems.  My trike had a back flat tire and Rick's bike had a clutch cable that broke.  So there we were, out on the road with two bikes both broken down.  What a dilemma!  Rick aired up my tire and we limped on over to the Yamaha shop where they couldn't help Rick because he has a Suzuki, but I ordered a new rear wheel, and they are also going to work & fix my Voyager Kit for me.  They did tell Rick to go to Lexington's Suzuki shop to order himself a clutch cable.  We will do that when they are open, maybe tomorrow Rick and I will travel to Lexington to see if we can buy a clutch cable wire for his bike.

Right now we are waiting to see if my back tire holds air or goes flat again.  If it holds up we will take it and go get something to eat.  It's Saturday night and we both need a good meal out together as friends again.

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