Friday, August 12, 2016


I just got finished mowing most of the backyard with a push mower, and boy was it hot out there.  The grasses were so thick because of all of the moisture that we have here that it kept clogging up around the blades.  I used a stick to clear the opening shute where the grass is thrown out by the blades, but I had to be extremely careful because I couldn't shut off the mower or I'd never be able to get it started back up again, for at least an hour,  and I wanted to get done.  I'm kilt!

I didn't clean up the mower or put it away, and I also didn't take a shower because I'm planning on going back out later and mowing some more.  I was just too beat by 10:00 a.m. that I needed to come inside, cool off and drink something.  I chose to drink an Ale 8 One thinking that it might give me some energy.  I really do enjoy mowing, but I enjoy it more on top of a riding mower.  At least I am getting some needed exercise.

*Since this mower won't start for an hour after it is shut off, I filled it up with gas 3 times while it was still running.

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