Friday, June 16, 2017

Moped Mishap

On my second day of riding my moped I had a little mishap.  I got off on the edge of the roadway where the little edge of gravels are and my moped just slid on down and fell over.  Thank goodness the ground broke my fall or I might have been injured more than I was.

Here's how it happened......
I was following too closely behind Rick, when he came across some water in the road he slowed down.  And me, not being able to stop very well didn't apply my brakes enough, and I saw that I was going to bump into his new moped, so I swerved but I swerved the wrong way into the gravels on the shoulder and down I went.

Here's the result, a bruised left hand.

Later on that night, when traffic cleared up around 11:30 p.m. I rode my little Buddy around the country roads for a while, then I went into Berea and road around town for a while until I got a bright idea:  Go to Walmart parking lot!  There in the almost empty parking lot I practiced slamming on the brakes suddenly as if it were an emergency stop.  I practiced over and over again until I now feel comfortable stopping suddenly and abruptly.  I was always afraid that if I put on the brakes suddenly and hard on my little moped that I would topple over, but in the Walmart parking lot I never even bobbled.  I practiced until 1:15 a.m. and then decided to go home.  

The next morning I excitdedly told Rick that I practiced my stopping skills the night before, but he wasn't too impressed and told me that I still can't ride with him or Tommy anymore.  That they both agreed that I should sell my moped because I'm now just too old to ride anymore.

OK, so I now have no one to ride with.  Is there anyone out there who lives in the Berea area who would like to ride along with me?  I do like riding long distances and not just short spurts, but I am adaptable and easy going, so if short spurts is what you like I can do that.  Like I said, I'm easy going and very adaptable.

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