Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Riding Mopeds

Rick, Tommy & I went riding two days ago.  It was my first official ride on my little Buddy Scooter.  It's a lot easier man-handling a moped than a motorcycle.  The turns are much easier, but of course the ride is at a much slower pace.  I loved it and plan on doing more riding out in the local countryside.  Of course when we want to go on a farther and longer ride, then the motorcycles will be best for this.
Also last night Rick & I wanted to see how good the moped headlights shine at night, so we both went on our first night time moped ride, and we plan on doing more nighttime rides in the future.
This picture below was taken two days ago.  They are both standing next to their own mopeds.  I'm taking the picture, but you can see my moped standing over there all alone.  The one with the cooler strapped on the back, that's my little Buddy.

Tommy's is a 50cc, my little Buddy is a 125cc, and Rick's is a 150cc.

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