Monday, July 10, 2017

Bikes of all sizes

I'm taking a break right now.  I've been outside for 4 1/2 hours mowing and weed eating, but I'm not finished with the weed eating yet.  I just needed a snack so I decided to post some pictures that I took of our rides in the last two days and also of some more flowers.  I took the pictures of the flowers while mowing as I passed by them.

I love riding whether it's on my trike or my small moped.  The moped is more fun because it is so easy to maneuver in tight places, and it's light enough to take it anywhere, and it doesn't use much gas.  We all started with full tanks of gas left over from a previous ride and came home with the gas hand showing that our tanks were still full.  Rick even opened up the gas and looked inside and sure enough, it was still full.

Here I am.

And here are Tommy & Rick resting on a shady bridge.  I like to stop here to watch small planes fly over and to watch turtles swimming around in Silver Creek, and chipmunks playing on the piled up drifts of wood that are caught under the bridge.  I saw three turtles yesterday, all different sizes swimming around below the bridge.

And now for my deep pink hibiscus followed by various pictures of  a Rose of Sharon that is growing near my driveway.  The pictures of the Rose of Sharon are all taken from the same big bush.

And of course I can't forget my trike.  This picture is different than any other because it shows my new reflector strips on each fender.  Rick thought these would make the bike safer, so that cars at night would be able to tell that it has those two trike wheels sticking out farther on small country roads.  He's always thinks of things like that.  He's very safety conscience.

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