Saturday, January 07, 2006

To Suzanne, from Grandmother

The following poem was a favorite poem of Mary Sue Hatcher, and in handwritten form was given to my daughter years ago. My daughter has kept it safely tucked away with her other treasured possessions.
The author is unknown and not believed to be Grandmother.

I Need You God
Dear God, I need you every day,
I stumble so...along the way,
I need the faith that you can give,
Every single day I live.
I need more strength for I am weak
And God, It is your strength I seek,
Please give me hope, when things go wrong
Then fill my heart with your sweet song.
Life's road is long...the hills so steep,
I even need you when I sleep.
Let's face it God, What would I do,
If I could not turn to you?
To Suzanne
from Grandmother

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