Friday, January 06, 2006

Furry Little Creatures

The Hunt for a Mole....... "I think I've spotted one!"

Living in a household with many cats is always exciting. There's never a dull moment.....something going on all the time except for about mid afternoon when everything gets silent and it's nap time for all my little buddies.

Usually, bright and early, as I step outdoors to greet the new day, I am presented with a gift of a furry little creature of some sort. It may be a mouse, mole, bird, rabbit, frog, name it......if it runs, it's fair game. Usually they just leave the poor little dead creature to lay and bask in the sun, but sometimes if it's a chipmonk or a squirrel they'll eat every single piece of it, even the fur. Of course the eating part only applies to the outdoor cats, who will eat just about anything they can find. They're not starving....I give them cat food but they just love to hunt.

The indoor cats, on the other hand, are a bit more finicky. They to go out and hunt, but they only play with their food. These cats prefer dry cat food.....they won't even eat table scraps like the outdoor cats.
My three indoor cats have to smell whatever you're eating, but that's all they do....smell it. We have offered them everything from T-bones to gravy, cookies, ice cream but these cats only want their Whiskas or Meow Mix. I ought to be glad that they only eat dry cat food because they aren't any trouble at all. Just keep their water and food bowls full, keep the litter boxes clean, keep everything off of your lap & ready for there arrival , keep the area in front of your pc monitor clear (they don't like to lay on phones & sharp objects) and be ready to pet them when they demand it. I love my babies. Oh....did I tell you that they also have their own personal door man?


Motherkitty said...

This is a really cute picture. Mine do the same thing, except they all try to bring their quarry into the house to play with (not eat).

One morning our youngest (the little white kitty) came in the cat door with a live mouse in her mouth, ran into the bedroom where I was sleeping, ran across the bed (and me), and was promptly chased back out of the house by husband. Fortunately, I was in dreamland and didn't find out about it until I woke up. ewwwwwwww

Don't we just love our pets, though? You can yell at them and they don't get all bent out of shape and carry grudges. They just want that next hug and a kiss.

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

This is a picture of Jybow, the same "singing cat." I agree with you , Motherkitty, pets are wonderfull little creatures always eager to see you, but with a cat comes plenty of independence.

I love my cats, but there is nothing to compare with the love & loyalty you get from a dog.

Alipurr said...

Very cute. I have a squirrel tail on my porch right now (we never saw the rest of it), and I consider my cats clever to make their own cat-toy.