Monday, February 20, 2006

Happy Birthday Matt !

Don't you know, that when you put 19 candles, on a becomes a fire hazard!?!
Even though, it's not safe to light the candles on your birthday cake...I guess you can still have a Happy Birthday.

Happy Birthday Matt!!

Grandma & Jimmy

P.S. Maybe you should have the Fire Department standing by.....Just in case.


Tomas Dennis said...

Happy Birthday Matt

Alice said...

Oh Sandy, I had to laugh at your admonishment to Matt about not setting fire to his cake. That's what I did years ago to my husband's birthday cake. It had 45 candles on it and I lit them out in the kitchen (with about half a packet of matches) and by the time I had carried it into the dining room there was only about an inch of each candle left and the entire cake was covered in melted wax. The heat was incredible. I then had to take it back to the kitchen and scrape all the icing off.

Thank you so much for leaving a comment on my blog. Making a photo collage is easy using Picasa2 which is a free download from Google.

Feb. 20 is a popular day for birthdays - Matt and Michelle, and also Kerri's son, Andrew.

somershade said...

Hope you liked our singing Matt, Zac, Meg, Allison, Mom and scott.
Great post mom.

Franny said...

Happy 19th Birthday - you'd be legal to drink in Canada...but I'll have a drink for you instead! Cheers!