Tuesday, February 07, 2006

thank you

Wow! These little heat pads really work. My daughter, Suzanne, brought these to me yesterday, along with a tube of some cream. The heat pad instructions said not to apply the cream at the same time the pad was being used...but to wait and apply it at night.

Well...I never got to use the cream...because the 12 hour pad has lasted for 24 hours. I finally removed it this morning and put on another pad, after my shower.

I'm not doing a commercial here...

I just wanted to tell Suzanne... Thank You for being such a caring and loving daughter...and ooh, do these heat pads feel so good on my back! It feels better already.


Tomas Dennis said...

Two my worst enemies are the corner cabinet and the lowered dish washer door.
One for the little toe and one for the shin. Ah!

Motherkitty said...

I wonder if you can get a total body Body Heat (because I really need it some days with all my aches and pains)? Or maybe a total brain Body Heat for those mornings when your brain seems to be in hibernation. Or maybe a total personality Body Heat for those people who profess to love you but act in an icy manner. If they had all these products on the market, where do you suppose they would sell them? In a pharmacy, in a grocery store, or perhaps Wally World?

Glad you are feeling better, backwise.

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

Mother Kitty,
I think that you need an ice-pack to cool down your brain...it seems to be over-heating and working over-time.

somershade said...

what kind of ice-cream and is there any left?