Tuesday, February 07, 2006

no shirt, no shoes, no service

Notice the shoes in the pictures, of the girl in the shorts.
I was saving this story for a later time...but now seems to be just the right time to tell you about my daughter, Sharon.

A group of us went on a ride one nice sunny Saturday afternoon and when we crossed over the Old Sublimity Bridge we decided to stop, rest and enjoy the view. The creek below was swollen with swift rushing water from the rain, the night before.

Sharon was showing off her old cheerleading skills, doing cartwheels on the wooden bridge, when one of her slip-on shoes flew off and over the railing...and into the water. She shouted for help...for her husband, or anyone, to help her get it...but nobody was about to tackle the raging waters below...so the shoe floated away and slowly sank out of sight.

She only had one shoe now and she needed them both. She was on her motorcycle and she couldn't shift the gears without her shoe. She still had her other shoe...so she took her right shoe and put it on her left foot...but that still left her right foot (the brake foot) without a shoe...

So being a good mother, I gave her my black tennis shoe to wear on her right foot. It's okay for mothers to go down the road with one shoe missing...who would notice anyway? The reason she didn't just leave her shoe on the foot it belonged on, was because my shoes were just to thin & flimsy on top, to be able to shift the gears easily. She needed the stiffer, stronger shoe on her left foot.

We continued on our ride and everything was fine...until someone said, "Let's stop at Golden Corral and get something to eat."
We considered what the restaurant would do if Sharon & I hopped in...sharing a shoe...kind of like in a potato sack race...But then decided to make a stop at a shoe store instead.

You can visit Sharon's new blog,
Camellia in June, using my links to the right and get her side of the story.


Franny said...

That is a totally cute & adorable story. Would have missed the shoe if you didn't draw my attention to it! Now that's what a wonderful, lovong, caring mom does.
I hope my kids grow up to be as adventurous and fun (and totally in love their mom) as your daughter is.

somershade said...

It was a dare.And thanks again mom for the shoe. Yes I believe I will comment on mine. This blogging is fun,but I am going to get in trouble for being late for work.I blew my night-time deal by getting on to Scott for being on the computer so much at night when I am home from work. OOPPSS!!