Sunday, February 05, 2006

What happened to Spring?

Well, it's good to be back online again! Blogger seemed to have a bit of a problem and I think they got it all straightened least I hope they have.

It wiped out my original Saturday post, but I noticed it put my "Out of Order" post up...I didn't post was saved as a 'Draft.' Thanks to those of you who responded to it. The comments come to my email, so I knew that I was up and running by your comments.

Friday, we were enjoying a nice spring-like day with plenty of sunshine and today there is snow on the ground...not much...just enough to make everything look like it's covered with marshmallow creme. My lillies aren't going to like this...they were already sending sprouts up.

I know two people that will just love this snow...Tori (my grandson, Matt's wife) who loves to build snowmen and Brandon (my grandson) who will most likely not have school tomorrow.

My back is still hurting today, and it was a chore just to feed the cats outdoors...I had to watch my footing, so I wouldn't slip...ouch. I will not be throwing snowballs today or building any snowmen...I'll just be enjoying the snow from indoors.

The picture was taken on Saturday morning when the snow began to all melted almost as soon as it hit the ground. The snow that is on the ground right now came down during the night.

It is so good to be back to blogging again!


Motherkitty said...

Hey, I'm sorry your back is still hurting. Ask Jimmy or Suzanne or maybe Reva to give you a nice back rub. All our snow melted although it's still pretty cold here. They are predicting more snow tonight or tomorrow. Hope not, 'cause we have to go to Paducah tomorrow for a meeting.

I'm so glad to be back online.

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

Reva is busy giving Brian a back rub...he has to live with his back pain...mine is just temporary...thank God. I don't know if I could live with such bad back pain like Brian has to all the time.

Jimmy gave me a back rub this morning...he is such a SWEETHEART.

Our snow is still covering the ground, but it's trying to melt. Have a safe trip to Paducah.

Tomas Dennis said...

The Kentucky basketball team learned a lesson yesterday. They learned what it takes to compete with a good Kentucky Team of years gone by.