Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Washington DC

This picture was taken in 1986 on a trip to Washington DC. We spent a week visiting the popular sites and the main attraction for me was the Smithsonian Institute.

It was a trip taken with the retired men of the First Force Recon we saw every possible military thing there was to see, including watching the President's band practice.

We visited the Capitol Building, the White House, Arlington Natl. Cemetary, and a bunch of other places that I can't remember right now. I can hear Motherkitty in my head saying..."you should have made a list!"

Our hotel was about a block away from the Supreme Court Building and some mornings we would take our coffee and walk among the cherry blossoms. It was very beautiful there. It was also my first experience with underground subway cars, which we used to get from one building to another.

Seated from L-R: Larry Brumfield,
Bob Justice,Wade Meadows,
Jim Hatcher, Larry Kester
& Sandy "Muwah"


The Four Bears in the Woods said...

Great picture, looks like you guys had fun. I have never been on a subway before but would like to someday.

Mama Bear

Tomas Dennis said...

We were on that subway and that is a nice subway to be on. It is not like the New York subways which are like what you see in the movies.