Sunday, April 23, 2006

Guest Post:

While the bloggers away, the Cucoo will play. *LOL*
I found AIP’s password and since she is away, I know she won’t mind if I guest post for her today.

Sandy’s favorite flower is the Wild Daisy which is just beginning to bloom. Here’s a picture of the first couple of blooms.

I’m just going to set this timer on the old diggi cam and take a couple of pictures of myself in these daisies. They look so pretty and I know she’ll just want to frame these pictures and hang them on her picture wall. Didn’t the picture turn out great…if I don’t say so myself?

Oh, my God!.....Here’s that dreadful cat…..Shoo…Shooo Daisy!! Get away from here!...Can’t you see I’m trying to take some pictures here?

Jybow…..You just, wouldn’t believe, what I had to go through. I was just trying to surprise Sandy with some pictures and Daisy came SNEAKING UP on me….I had to run for my life! You just don’t know her the way I do…She’s out to get me!! I am trying to be calm. I appreciate the kiss Jybow…but, I also need a hug.


doubleknot said...

Well Cucoo you did a good job. That pesty cat is mean trying to get you - nice you have other kitty friends.
I am sure Sandy will treasure your picture among the daisies.

Tomas Dennis said...

Cucoo you write rather well for a floppy. In the early days of computers there was a lot of floppies just staying close to computers.

Hattigrace said...

Tooooooo funny!

Val said...

That must be so much fun, setting up your photos like that, Cucoo! Have you ever tried to do that with Powerpoint set up in slideshow mode? One of these days I'll try that - good idea to have an alternative "persona" to be photographed rather than having to act in my own slideshow. (Very embarassing to be caught making silly faces at the camera set on timed exposure!)

jellyhead said...

Aw, Cucoo, I'd give you a hug if I could.

If you see Sandy, tell her hi from Jelly!


Nice cuckoo and beautiful flowers. Thanks for dropping by.

Finn said...

Hey Cuckoo, you did a nice job with the camera..sorry about that cat episode..*VBG*

Tell Sandy to hurry back and thank her for the lovely daisy pictures..*S*

Jamie Dawn said...

Love the purple hairdo!!
Daisies are so perky.
Beware of Kitty!!!!

Thanks for visiting my blog.

Tropical Screamer said...

Daisies are my favorite flower, too. Oh, and daffodils. :)

I think Daisy was just giving you loves.


Tanya said...

Oh, Cucoo. You're such a show-off. But very cute, all the same. I love daisies also.

Rachel said...

Cucoo you look cute out there in the flowers! Daisy is just checking you out I think. I don't think she'd really hurt you.....well....not too much anyway.

The Four Bears in the Woods said...

Cucoo you take nice pictures. I love the flowers and I am sure Sandy will like the photos also.

Glad you survived Daisy stalking you. And that Jybow was so sweet for trying to make you feel better giving you a kiss.

Mama Bear

Ava said...


You take fabulous pictures! I would never have guessed.

The flowers are beautiful ...also one of my favorite flowers!

Good job, Cucoo!!!


manababies said...

LOL I'm loving these photos of you, Cucoo. I wish you can come over and babysit. :) I think the kids would enjoy your company.

Paige said...

You do photograph well. I envy that about you Cucoo. Please give my best reguards to Sandy. Take care buddy & watch your back.

Tanginika-Simone said...

Beautiful pics!

Kerri said...

Sandy you crack me up. You're a born comedian :) Loved this funny post and the hilarious pictures. That Cucoo is a real character...he's always up to something. I'm glad he's got a friend in Jybow :)
Pretty kitties you've got.