Saturday, April 29, 2006

Simply Ten

This little meme was borrowed from bornfool and is very simple….so I thought. Actually it was hard to narrow it down to just ten simple pleasures that I enjoy. But here is my list.

Ten simple pleasures I enjoy:

1. Blogging – I’ve always been very shy and blogging gives me the opportunity to meet people in a non threatening way.
2. I am fascinated by Mother Nature’s BAD moods and like to watch her in action.
3. I enjoy turning loose my alter ego through “Cucoo.”
4. Riding a motorcycle is like being in a good thunderstorm…a little scary, but VERY exciting.
5. Reading the comments that you leave on my blog and getting your emails.
6. Visiting your blog and leaving comments for you.
7. My washer & dryer – They are so automatic that all I have to do is load the washer and the clothes mysteriously end up hung up on hangers, folded neatly and put away.
8. I enjoy cuddling & snuggling.
9. I love my dishwasher…..and he loves me too.
10. Just sitting around talking to my kids & grandkids is a very simple pleasure, that I treasure.

What are ten simple pleasures that you enjoy? You're welcomed to list them in my comment area, or post them on your own site and let us know when you have posted them, so we can come over to read your list.


T. said...

I love my washer and dryer too. Because the thought of doing laundry by hand, the old fashioned way, is enough to make me swoon!

But I really love my dishwashers. Their names are Fric and Frac. It will be a sad day when they move away and I will be forced to do them by hand again, by myself.

Gary said...

1.playing with my kitty
2.edging the grass in my garden
3.making and drinking a cup of coffee.
4.taking a nap shopping
6.slicing tomatoes
8.watering my garden

LZ Blogger said...

Just stopped by to read your post and satisfy your #5 Pleasure here! ~ jb///

Finn said...

That's neat nice to know what little things give another person pleasure..*VBS* I continue to be amazed at how much these blog friendships mean to me, and others I've met..Hugs, Finn

doubleknot said...

Like you I am shy about face to face with people - I even email my sisters and daughter rather then talk on the phone. Though I do love to hear my daughter's voice.
I love blogging and I thank you for all the advice you have given me. I am going to try and list ten things I like in a post. *VBS* at last I know what that means now - a very big smile.

Ava said...

I didn't know what VBS was either! Oh the things I've learned since I've been blogging!!