Thursday, April 27, 2006

Where I'm From

I got this from Sue’s place, who got it from Mary, who got this from Fragments from Floyd, February 18, 2005 (the template can be found here). It’s a little exercise in poetry called:

Where I’m From

I am from sweet smelling nectar
from Tide Detergent and Lemon Fresh Joy.
I am from the forest, deep in the woods
from the Licking River Valley,
and my dear Shady Oaks.
I’m from visits from my children
and family get-togethers.
From vacations with family
and sharing memories.
I’m from boating, setting trout lines,
swimming and exploring.
From searching for arrowheads,
picking up pebbles,
walking in the rain
and watching a thunderstorm.
I am from the mighty tall oak,
a field full of daisies
with long green stems
that tickle my toes.
From riding with the wind,
getting soaked and seeing a rainbow.
I’m from strawberry cream squares,
strawberry shortcake,
from grandma’s frozen dessert,
and from Rebecca and Tomas.
I am from royalty and ranchers,
Mixtec and peasants,
from, “you can be anything
you want to be”
to “mind your manners”
and “be respectful to your elders,”
follow the Ten Commandments.
I’m from sweet Mother Earth,
who led me to Christ,
who showed me the way
to live a good life.
From Catholics and Protestants
and an atheist or two.
I’m from California and Mexico,
from beans and tortillas,
and from a childhood sweetheart
I met at 14.
I’m from the President of Mexico,
who turned into a dictator,
the gardener, my grandfather,
who dug in the dirt
of the Huntington Library.
I am from hidden treasures
that are lost to me forever,
hidden in their closets,
their basements, and their attics.
From the faceless mother
who I shall never see,
and the wonderful husband
who blesses me.
This is where I’m from.


owlhaven said...

"I am from royalty and ranchers,
Mixtec and peasants"-Wow, this was awesome! I'm so glad you wrote it.
Mary, Mom to many

Sue said...

I loved reading yours! "from a childhood sweetheart I met at 14" sounds like another whole story!

Laura said...

Bravo!!! This was so beautifully written.:))

doubleknot said...

Wonderful and touching and sad and uplifting - thank you for sharing.

TUFFENUF said...

Very beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

Kerri said...

This is beautiful Sandy. Very imaginative. I'll have to check out Sue's, etc. You are an interesting and creative soul :)
Thanks for visiting and leaving such a lovely comment on my blog (as usual....I love your comments :) "The American dream with the man of my dreams" are such a romantic :)

Ava said...

That was beautiful!!

Thank you!


mar said...

Wonderfully written, thanks and thanks for the links!

Paige said...

This is wonderful. and I ditto everyone above!

manababies said...

Oh, this is so neat!

Praying for your Prodigal said...

Oh--what a great "I am from!" I am sorry for the pain of your journey....but am grateful for the attitude from where you are at!


Merle said...

Hello Sandy ~~ That is a great poem.
You were kind enough to put a lovely poem on Herons Nest while I was away.
Thank you Sandy, it was so nice of you
to do that. Thanks also for good wishes
for my trip. It was great, but tiring.
So many kind words helped make it special. Many thanks, Merle.