Thursday, May 18, 2006

Cucoo finds a butterfly

I spend all my time chasing butterflies all over the yard, armed with my camera, and they're always these teensy, tiny, little butterflies that never seem to land anywhere, for very long. They flutter and flitter from one flower to the next, but Cucoo goes out and in one afternoon...he finds this large butterfly.

The day started out cold, so Cucoo put on his sweatshirt. He first spotted the butterfly on the climatis and when it made its way to the iris, Cucoo practically tackled the butterfly and bent the iris down to the ground to get a better look at it...Between Cucoo and the cats, it's hard to keep my flowers in an upright position.

Cucoo has no trouble making friends...and by the time they left the iris, Cucoo was introducing the butterfly to Mr. Post.
Mr. Post looks a bit dumbfounded with the butterfly sitting on his nose, don't you think? Or maybe his nose just itches, from all those butterfly feet.


Ciardra said...

hah. That's cucoo for you. (Those darn butterflies never stay still.) My friend Mette chases after butterflies when we're walking around school. Of course, all of our classmates are looking at her like she's insane and I'm crazy because I stand next to her. (shakes head.) Of course, the butterfly just flitters away to the hibiscus bush and who knows what _it_ thinks?

somershade said...

tell Cucoo I saw his cousins at a store across from where I work.
Great photos Cucoo,your so photogentic and your photographer does an awesome job as well.

I love butterflies.loosed from their cacoon to fly around in their new beauty.

Marsha said...

I love butterflies too!!!! Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog

Kerri said...

You're hilarious :) That Cucoo is such a friendly guy. Who could resist him?
I have that same clematis, but it's not blooming yet. Good luck chasing those elusive butterflies :)

Ava said...

Wow! Cucoo is a brilliant butterfly finder!!!!

I love the faces on your trees. Are the features clay or wood carved?

I want some of my trees to look like that!


Rachel said...

Is that a fake butterfly?? I'm thinking Cucoo is pulling our legs!

It's a pretty one. Either it's fake or it attracted to Cucoo!

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

Rachel...It's as real as Cucoo.

Laura said...

LOL, this was funny. I was thinking this would make a good book series for kids, with Cucoo as the main character. I know Adults would read them too.
Great to hear about your hub's clean bill of health. I know that is a relief for both of you.

doubleknot said...

I thought the butterfly wasn't real either but if you say so I guess it is.
Cucoo has such nice color - bet the butterflies thought they could get some nector out of him.

Franny said...

Ok, I totally thought that was a real butterfly and I was all teary eyed with the beauty of it, it's gentility...peacfulness...and then I saw the Target pricetag on its' bottom. *sigh* (kidding!)

Oh, and welcome back Cucoo!

Finn said...

I swear Sandy, you could do a book about The Adventures of Cuckoo...and it would be a best seller!!! My but that butterfly looks co-operative..LOL

Tim Rice said...

You are so creative with the adventures of Cuckoo. Great job!