Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Where's my Sunshine?

We haven't seen blue skies like these in over a week...Nothing but cloudy, rainy, misty and dreary looking weather.

I need to get outside and plant some flowers and take some pictures before I start getting withdrawal symptoms.

Unfortunately today will be spent going to the cardiologists office to get the results from my husband's ECHO, which was done last week. And we're hoping that the appointment won't take too long...we already know that the results must not be too bad because, we didn't receive one of those calls from the doctors office saying, "We need to see you, NOW!"

Hopefully, my husband will get another clean bill of health. And too...we won't be wasting a beautiful sunny day sitting in a doctors office, since it's still cloudy & rainy looking outside.


Federico said...


Very very nice....

Gary said...

I know what you are talking about when you mention those calls. I've gotten a couple of them and they really concerned me. Luckily, they turned out to be false alarms.

I hope hubby gets his clean bill of health, and I hope you post some more flower pictures soon.

Finn said...

Hi sandy, hope the sunshine has returned in Kentucky...we finally got some back yesterday, but with high winds again. So far today has started off sunny but cool.

Hope the results are good ones..and congratulations on graduating grandkids!!!

Sue said...

Hope all is OK with the health report.
I know where your sunshine went... It's here! Want me to send you some? :-)


Is that daisies? It's beautiful.

somershade said...

hope to hear a good report

Laura said...

I'll have to come back later, hoping for a good bill of health.
Beautiful daisies, btw!

Sharon K said...

Good luck with the Dr. app. and I hope on this day you will hear only good news.Hugs to you and your husband.

Tammy said...

I'm a transplanted Ky gal new to the blogging world and were recommended to me...don't ask me by who cause I've slept since have been reading your post and enjoy them...hope your hubby's test are all ok.

Marsha said...

I hope your husbands doctor's appointment went well. My mother in law also had a doctors appointment today. Her blood pressure is way to high.

Rachel said...

Hope he gets the all okay from the ECHO.

Lovely flowers. I think next week it's supposed to return to more "normal" weather for us, according to the weather channel anyway!

Tanya said...

Hi Sandy. I'm back in blogland!

Good luck with the doctors' visit. Am keeping my fingers crossed for you both.

And I LOVE that picture. Just gorgeous.

Alipurr said...

hoping for good results, and sunny days

rainy weather here, waiting for a couple of dry days so I can get out and mow

Da Gal said...

Thanks for sharing such beautiful pictures again. I do believe the sun is on the way.. you seem to get what we had a day or so ago and the last two days have been lovely.
Looking forward to good news about your hubby and more enchanting photos.

The Four Bears in the Woods said...

Hope all is well with Jimmy.

We have been waiting for the sunshine and warmer weather also. Hopefully this weekend will be nice since we will be on a boy scout camping trip.

TUFFENUF said...

I hope hubby gets a good report. Those cardiac problems are sometimes difficult to detect. Good luck.

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

federico...I love that name...You must be talking about my flower and thank you for stopping by and do come again.

gary...I hate it when doctors say that we won't hear from them unless something is wrong...and then they call with good news.

finn...we got some sunshine for about 30 minutes when we returned home with the good news about my husbands tests. Thanks for the good words on the grandkids. We've also had a lot of wind for the last couple of days.

Sue...Yes, please please send us a little of your sunshine. We promise we won't use much, just a little is all we won't even miss it. My flowers are sending their love.

friday's child...yes, those are daisies, my favorite flowers. And I'm still thanking you for the Mother's Day ecard...that was really sweet of you.

Somershade...The report was heart problems...isn't that great!

laura...yes, please do stop back know you're always welcomed here.

Sharon K...thanks for your good wishes and I guess they paid off because my husband got good news.

tammy...Welcome to my blog and I do hope you will continue to stop in to visit.

Marsha...My husband got good news today and I hope they get your MIL's blood pressure down to normal.

Rachel...I sure hope you are right with that weather report...we sure could use some sunshine and so could my flowers.

tanya...I'm so glad that you are back from your trip. And that picture is one of my favorites. I've been experimenting with my camera.

alipurr...Uncle Jimmy got good news today and we also need to mow our lawn before it gets knee high.

da gal...Well now you're talking...that's good to hear that we are a couple of days behind you in weather and that you have had two days of sunshine. I'll have to check out your weather from now on to see what's in store for us.

4Bears...Jimmy's fine and did you hear? Sue is sending sunshine our way, da gal confirmed it and rachel said the weatherman says it's coming.

tuffenuff...Well, I hope they detected right and nothing is hidden with hubby's heart...but you never know. Thanks for the well wishes.

somershade said...

glad to hear about Jimmy

susan said...

Beautiful picture of daisies. It is still cold here, I think blackberry winter is going on way too long this year!

Kerri said...

Sandy, your daisy picture is wonderful! Is that a pink azalea with the daisies? Love that soft pink.
I hope you're getting sunshine today. We are this morning! Thank heavens! Sounds like we've had similar weather to you. Our lawn is looking very unkempt too, but at least it's bright green. I hope it dries out enough to mow today.
So glad your hubby got a good report!

Ava said...

No sunshine? Those flowers look like sunshine to me!!!! Lovely!!

So glad to hear that your husband's echo test went well.


Franny said...