Thursday, May 11, 2006

sweet granddoggies

These are, our sweet granddoggies that we have been watching this week. Front to back: Corena, Stu (laying down) and EmmyLou. Also in our care were six cats and one day there were seven...or maybe I should just say six and a half...but that's another story.

The dogs are very well trained, playful and are excellent watch dogs...just the size of their presence can be very intimidating, especially when Stu adds his growl to the mix, and EmmyLou her smile.

The first day we arrived to feed the crew, the doggies seemed very depressed...and, I guess they were missing their owners. As the days went by they made the adjustment and were responding to our presence with excitement and wagging tails...We were glad to see that.

The cats were always eager for a good rub down and quickly learned that we made excellent doormen...Isn't it amazing how cats can train you so quickly, to respond to their demands? "I need in, I need out, I need in, I need food right now!"

Well, tomorrow ends our watch and we have really enjoyed playing with Corena, Stu and EmmyLou...and making sure that Oliver, the cat, got his fair share of food. I just love Oliver...he's the old "senior citizen" around the house.


doubleknot said...

You look like you had your hands full. I am sure your grand doggies love you. My daughter's doggies remember me every time I get to see them even if it is a while.
Hope you have a happy Mother's Day. I am going to have a very special one - my daughter is coming.

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

doubleknot...the dogs don't growl at me...just at strangers...they remember me. They're also very EASY to care for and no problem whatsoever. They're just sweet lovable pets.

Glad your daughter will be with you on Mother's Day.

Tropical Screamer said...

I was just remembering our labs today. They are such loves.

And speaking as a well-trained cat employee, it is amazing how they make their wants and needs known. :)


Ava said...

How nice of you to watch the dogs! My baby has to go to the kennel when I'm traveling.

What beautiful animals.

I'm sure they were glad to see you. Sometimes Nash gets depressed at the kennel and won't eat until I get back.

We've been talking about getting a cat. We'll just have to wait and see.


Finn said...

Hi Sandy, what a fun adventure you are having as the new "crew" chief for a week..LOL. It is odd how it takes that period of time for the furry friends to come to terms with a change. Bet each and every one of them loves as the week ends..*VBS*

The Four Bears in the Woods said...

We fell in love with these animals too when we watched them before. How could you not? They are so sweet.

Baby Bear loved playing with the dogs.

Sonia said...

They are lovely! I love dogs, I am a "dog people"!
Take a look on my dog Flora and Lisa, my daughter's dog. They both showed up at the Modern Pooch on this link:

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

Sonia...I went over to the link you provided and looked at Lisa & Flora and they are indeed very lovely dogs. Thank you for sharing the pictures of your dog, Flora and your daughter's dog, Lisa.

Rachel said...

Beautiful dogs! It's great they had someone like you all to care for them in their owner's absence.

Gary said...

Nice post .i agree. Cats are a lot smarter than some people realize.

Peter said...

Good post Sandy.