Wednesday, May 10, 2006

A story for the kids

The Rhododendron Bush is in full bloom and Cucoo’s hut is surrounded by beautiful purple clusters of flowers…It looks like paradise! But then, why is Cucoo hiding in his hut?
He has to hide in his hut because, there are too many bees buzzing around and it’s too NOISY in this bush…and,

Cucoo will have to come out, if he plans on moving his hut to a better place…He’ll have to find himself a new summer home.

Aah…this looks like a good spot…the hammock tree. But, Cucoo looks up and there are no leaves on the tree…and he really would like to have leaves. Then, he thinks about how noisy it will get when Sandy’s grandchildren come over and play in the hammock, and shake the tree around. Hmmm…better look for another spot, but where?

Maybe I should ask Mr. Sycamore if he knows of a good location for my hut. Cucoo talked it over with Mr. Sycamore and he made some suggestions on possible locations for Cucoo’s hut…but Cucoo was still not quite satisfied, and decided that maybe he should just look some more…on his own.

Cucoo spent the day searching and searching and finally found the perfect tree for his summer home…a maple tree. It was a nice peaceful location with quiet neighbors…and plenty of shade. It was the perfect summer home…And now he could get some sleep.


Tomas Dennis said...

Maybe I should ask Mr. Sycamore if he knows of a good location for my hut. Cucoo talked it over with Mr. Sycamore and he made some suggestions on possible locations for Cucoo’s hut.
I love those words and the photo s even better.

Ava said...

What a beautful hut Cucoo has!!! Wow.

I hope that the bees didn't invade his hut ... with the noise and all. Maybe he needs door? But then again, not having any hands ... he might get stuck or something. How would he hold the keys?

Yes, I can see why a move might be on the horizon of plans.

You know, I sure would have thought you'd get better suggestions from Mr. Sycamore. He sees all and hears all ... you'd think he'd be right in the loop.

I am glad to see that Cucoo found the perfect place on his own.

Happy sleeping to you, Cucoo!!


Sue said...

That Mr. Sycamore looks very wise! He must be related to my Mr. Elm (4-25-06)

Merle said...

Hello Sandy ~~ A lovely story and great photos. I love the Sycamore tree.
Thanks for your visit and comments. I am
glad you get a smile etc. Keep on chasing the butterflies as it would be a nice photo if you catch one.
Take care, Merle.

doubleknot said...

What an adventure Cucoo had trying to relocate. At least Mr. Sycamore tried to help out with some locations.
Cucoo looks very content now in his new place.

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

Sue...I noticed that your Mr.Elm was talking to his jack rabbit friend.
Mr.Sycamore & Mr.Elm are both in the Tree family so might be distant cousins.

Ava...Mr.Sycamore DID give Cucoo very nice suggestions, but you know Cucoo....he has a 'fluff' of a brain and a 'hard head' and has to bungle around and do things on his own.

Tomas, Dear Brother...I'm glad you liked Mr.Sycamore's advise. Hope Alipurr reads it to the girls.

Merle...thanks for stopping in and I also like Mr.Sycamore very much...he adds a nice touch to my yard.

doubleknot...I'm glad you liked Mr.Sycamore too...and unless you really get close, you can't see him...his face blends in so well on the tree.

Finn said...

As always Sandy, great pictures!! I'm always happy to see a new adventure for of my very most favorite characters *VBS*

It looks as if he has discriminating good taste in hut placement. Wonder if he checked to see if there would be further development of his new area???*G*
Hugs, Finn

manababies said...

I am so jealous of your flowers! I have yet to see any blooms, but I think we're just a little bit behind due to the weather.

Rachel said...

Oh, I am behind! I LOVE the water garden. I would love to have one of those. So pretty and peaceful looking. The flowers are lovely and the bees are busy. Better watch out for those dudes. I got stung by a bumblebee when I was a kid, right over my eye and it swelled up. Looked like a marble hanging over my eye!

Cucoo has a lovely home. I would imagine that some birds looking for a nest might cause him some disturbance! Love the sycamore tree. That is so neat with his face on there. That hammock sounds nice but it's been a tab bit chilly today for hammock enjoyment.

The Four Bears in the Woods said...

This is great! Papa Bear and I think you should write more stories. You are so creative and have a great imagination. We are always waiting for the next Cucoo adventure. Baby Bear just loved it. I told him to watch out for Cucoo's hut when he is at Grandma's so he won't disturb him. VBS

Sorry we haven't been blogging much, had a lot going on will get back into the groove sometime I'm sure.

We love you,

The 4 Bears

The Four Bears in the Woods said...

I also wanted to say how much I love Mr. Sycamore!!!!!!

Mama Bear

Val said...

Another Cucoo story! You are so clever. And I too love Mr. Sycamore.