Tuesday, May 09, 2006

working out

I still didn't get a photo of those elusive butterflies...but as I was doing my daily exercises, of chasing butterflies around the yard, with my camera, I did manage to get some pictures, of these critters, with their noses in my flowers.


Finn said...

what lovely pictures of the great outdoors..*VBS* And I see that Cuckoo likes being outside smelling the "roses" also..*G* We'll have to tell him "please don't eat the daisies"


Yikes Critters! don't like them.

Ava said...

Hmmm ... now that's an exercise routine I hadn't thought of yet!!! I bet you get quite the work out!!!!

I like the pictures that you did get. Very pretty flowers too!!!!


Merle said...

Hi Sandy ~~ Lovely photos and flowers.
Your water garden looks lovely and I hope you post photos when flowers bloom.
Keep up your search for butterflies.
We had a large lady who lost heaps of weight by walking around her back yard, her clothes line in particular.(in Oz)
I am not suggesting that you are a large
lady, but we all need exercise Sandy.
I know you have a large heart !!
Take care, Merle.

doubleknot said...

Well it looks like Cucoo has taken to smelling the flowers. Maybe he is calming down from his adventures.
My Little Fellow is still a bit wild - had to bell him - post later - to keep track of him.

Gary said...

I love bees. I think they are beautiful. I hate mosquitos, though.

Sue said...

Your flowers are beautiful! Thanks for the info on the underwater plants. We may try adding some more to our pond!

Paige said...

Lovely flowers. The photos of the water garden are great. Seeing the cat watch the fish, reminded of a kitty I had, he would walk around the edge of the tub, slap at the bubbles & get in on occasion. What a strange cat he was.

manababies said...

Hehe. Cucoo is a lot like my kids. Seems that he always wants to be in the photos. But who could blame him... I'm sure he knows about all the giggles he gets from your readers. :)